“Flood-resilient homes have been built next to residents’ previous houses in order to minimise disruption”, Source: UNDP Vietnam

Storm and Flood Resilient Houses

       The storm-and flood-resilient housing program is one of the most effective projects supported by the Government of Vietnam and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since 2018. The Vietnamese government launched this resilient house concept in close collaboration with UNDP and the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Support has been provided to 4,100 low-income households in the central coastal areas to build resilient homes. This cooperative effort was started by the Government of Vietnam, namely the Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development and Construction, and the Green Climate Fund in close coordination with UNDP. It aims to assist communities in coping with the risks and repercussions associated with climate change. In some of Vietnam’s most disaster-prone areas, it combines grant funding and the government’s large-scale construction initiative to construct storm and flood-resistant homes.

          The new storm-and flood-resilient houses are built using basic designs to produce a more robust structure. There is a mezzanine level for flood protection; the roof is strengthened; and strong cement is used. Residents are able to stay in their homes after a disaster without having to worry about being submerged by high water levels because of the mezzanine level. This level can be used to store valuables during emergencies to prevent them from being destroyed or contaminated by floodwaters.

All of these homes survived the several storms and significant flooding that hit Vietnam in 2020. As intended, they successfully safeguarded the owner’s lives and means of subsistence and, in many communities, further protected adjacent neighbours. By extending to Binh Dinh and Ca Mau between 2022 and 2025, an additional 1,450 homes will be built.

          Over 110,000 households still need safe housing throughout 28 coastal provinces, including more than 25,000 in coastal districts, according to recent UNDP research with the Ministry of Construction. A total of about US$330 million is needed for the housing of climate-vulnerable people in Vietnam. It is an essential investment to make in order to guarantee a just climate transition that helps those who are most at risk and left behind.