Pontian district, a district of Malaysia is positioned in the southwestern region of Johor, have been suffered from floods for decades. As the residents living in this district, they have been long-suffering from recurrent floods and high tides. Hence the state government launched the housing project and the housing project’s land premium, amounting to RM38 million. The project consists of a total of 170 semi-detached houses, each spanning an area of 1450 square feet. The construction of the project commenced on May 16, 2017, and was successfully completed in August last year.

 Figure 1: One of the residents who receiving new house key (Sinar    DAILY)

              On 18 June this year, a total of 149 families residing in three villages within the district, who have been
long-suffering from recurrent floods and high tides, were provided free newly- built houses. All the recipients are the flood-affected families who have endured decades of flooding, are from the three villages which are Kampung Nelayan, Kampung Sri Tanjung and Kampung Sungai Sanglang within the district. Among the recipients is Mardiad Ambok Loh, aged 64, along with her husband Hamid Kasim, aged 75. They live with their three children and grandchildren. Their old house deteriorated due to repeating flooding caused by the occurrence of high tides, leading them to temporarily stay at their relative’s residence. The government’s initiatives extended beyond these three villages, as they also focused on addressing the needs of families residing in Kampung Iboi, whose houses were situated in the riverside area and were affected by the floods. A total of 12 families, whose houses were destroyed, were provided with new houses as part of the government’s efforts. The project will proceed with its second phase, aiming to relocate 17 families who have been adversely affected by the floods. Through these efforts, the relocation of the residents living along the river side will mitigate the risks associated with rising river water levels, ultimately leading to an enhancement in the living conditions of the affected individuals.