What is Hydroinformatics?
The application of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in addressing the increasingly serious problems of the equitable use and efficient management of water for various purposes including social context and related disasters
What is AHC?

Climate change is currently a global issue which requires strong collaboration from all over the world. ASEAN, as one of the world regional food resource, also have faced with serious and repetitive water-related disasters from the extreme events such as storms, heavy rain, severe flood and drought, which caused the great losses in the environment, economy, and society.

Aiming to deal with climate change, ASEAN Hydroinformatics Data Centre (AHC) is a data-driven initiation to enrich the significant of Information Technology (IT) tools to integrate data from various sources within the ASEAN region. The centralized information will enhance the accuracy of existing forecasting system which will benefit to all related partners. The project will create a monitoring and modelling system to increase situational awareness for proper decision support. The information derived from this centre will be a data visualization platform in a visual context to provide better preparedness and solution to solve the unprecedented.

AHC also focus on the implementation and dissemination of the outcome by generating actionable learnings and promoting the practical use of IT at the community level to raise community action on disaster awareness and preparedness. This will also contribute to the inspiring UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ensure a safer forthcoming for ASEAN.

We aim

  • ASEAN Center of hydroinformatics and related technologies for water and disaster risk management
  • A platform for Information and knowledge sharing and collaboration in collecting, integrating and sharing relevant information among ASEAN
  • A networking of partners determining to strengthen ASEAN capacity in water and disaster risk management, and climate change adaptation

We do

  • To promote the implementation of hydroinformatics and related technologies for efficient water management and disaster risk reduction within ASEAN
  • To share and broaden the country’s learnings, experiences and good practices through active networking and collaboration
  • To strengthen capacity in applying hydroinformatics among ASEAN member states

AHC Framework

AHC 5 Thematic Areas

Beneficial to all ASEAN

  • Economic: cost-effective method to reduce losses in water and disaster recovery
  • Social: community-based organization and learning network
  • Environmental: solve the future water scarcity and ensure sustainability