Since 2004, HII telemetry system adopted technologies from Japanese “The Field Server”. It has been used for data collections with long-range data transmission, developed by National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan. HII then developed such technologies to be properly used for Thailand.

In the mid 2017, the new version 4.0 of HII telemetry system was developed for replacing the old system, which had long been used over the past decade. The new telemetry system is capable of various measurements, more accurate, more reliable, and low cost (30% cheaper than the old system). As a result, the new system is easy for installations (1 man hour for installation), easy maintenance and safety in operation (structure is 2 metre height).

HII telemetry system is capable of monitoring weather conditions and water level variations. The system can transmit the monitored data for every 10 minutes through cellular or satellite networks. All monitored data is collected and then processed at HII data centre. The published data is available online on and “ThaiWater” mobile applications, which are available on Google Play and App Store. The warning SMS is also send to government sectors in order to get ready and prepare for that situation, when critical water situations are detected and potentially lead to disasters.

HII telemetry system are now installed and operated at 867 stations, distributedly nationwide, of which are 540 weather stations and 327 water level stations.