AHC with a collaboration from ASEAN CIO Association (ACIOA) jointly organized the “Hydroinformatics for Disaster Management Workshop” to boost up the utilization of Hydroinformatics for crisis management.

The overwhelming 90% of global natural disaster is water related! Between 1900 and 2007, water-related disasters about floods, droughts, or storms outnumbered all other types of disasters combined. Water-related disaster causes either direct impacts on damages to buildings, crops, life, and environment, or indirect impacts on economic productivity, investment risk, and human health. Despite having the massive impact in the world, the familiarity, knowledge and not to mention implementation of Hydroinformatics is either unaware or limited due to many reasons such as resources allocation or data consolidations. Hydroinformatics do demand expertise and experience which is constraint to only specific group of people. 

According to the three main frameworks of ASEAN Hydroinformatics Data Centre (AHC); knowledge sharing, technology matching, and capacity building, AHC would like to explore the potential possibility of hydroinformatics implementation to support for disaster management in ASEAN for the countries that could be impacted. The role of science, technology, and innovation for disaster risk reduction can be recognized by sharing past experiences from each country, co-monitoring and warning, and region-wide communication pre-during-post disaster.