• ASEAN COST – ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology
    The ASEAN COST is responsible for setting directions, coordinating activities of subsidiary groups, creating public awareness of regional S&T activities and their contribution to economic development, and reviewing overall progress of collaboration, including the progress of its relations with the ASEAN’s Dialogue Partners as well as other external collaborators.Sub-Committees are established in all the major programme areas of the ASEAN COST.  They are responsible for the management, coordination, evaluation and implementation of regional programmes and projects. The Sub-Committees are also entrusted to review ongoing projects under their purview and assess the effectiveness and impact of their projects in strengthening the regional S&T capabilities. Currently, the ASEAN COST has the following nine Sub-Committees:

    • Sub-Committee on Biotechnology (SCB)
    • Sub-Committee on Food Science and Technology (SCFST)
    • Sub-Committee on Science and Technology Infrastructure and Resources Development (SCIRD)
    • Sub-Committee on Meteorology and Geophysics (SCMG)
    • Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology (SCMIT)
    • Sub-Committee on Marine Science and Technology (SCMSAT)
    • Sub-Committee on Materials Science and Technology (SCMST)
    • Sub-Committee on Sustainable Energy Research (SCSER)
    • Sub-Committee on Space Technology and Applications (SCOSA)


  • SCMIT – Subcommittee on Microelectronics and Information Technology
    The SCMIT seeks to develop and enhance the capabilities of ASEAN member countries microelectronics and ICT, and its related areas from down-stream to up-stream technologies. The sub-committee aims to undertake research, development, capacity building, and demonstration projects in microelectronics and ICT and related areas according to the strategic thrusts.Specific Objectives:

    1. To undertake capacity-building for less developed AMS;
    2. To promote and carry-out R&D technology transfer in microelectronics, ICT, and other related areas;
    3. To foster and strengthen Intra-ASEAN activities in the priority areas;
    4. To strengthen information network/database for exchange and dissemination within and outside ASEAN; and
    5. To strengthen institutions and centres of excellence.
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