The Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) or HII would like to inform all parties that is developed for the purpose of publicizing information on water resources in ASEAN to support the implementation of the “ASEAN Hydroinformatics Data Centre: AHC”, which is displayed through a website platform. The website is created and developed under the HII, in order to allow the Member States in collective data display management within the sitemap of the website, which is the official service of the HII’s missions and the collaboration among ASEAN Member States.

In using such website, you are required to register for membership before access, then your personal data are stored, including first name; last name; and e-mail address. The HII shall create an account for the representative of the agencies in the ASEAN Member States to access the website. The data shall be retained during the implementation period in order to communicate or coordinate in accordance with the purposes of the website development.

By visiting the website, your personal data shall be stored, including Cookie data, IP address, Application logging, Device ID, or Browsing history, without limitation of retention period, in order to provide statistics of the website visit.

In processing of your personal data, the HII shall only proceed under the already stated purposes. In the event of processing of your personal data for any purposes other than those previously notify, the HII shall inform and request for explicit consent before any action on such personal data. | Powered by HII